Monday, February 8, 2010

Superbowl Madness

Well, dear friends, the Colts didn't win it. It was close but they got their behinds handed to them by the Saints. That one touchdown where the Saints guy (please note my obviously expert NFL knowledge) ran like 74 yards was pretty nice.
I really enjoyed myself though. It was a fun night FULL of delicious food, good company, and I think I genuinely like football.
Now that I have a pretty pimped out t-shirt I may just become a regular Colt's fan.

Or whichever team Peyton Manning, aka my future husband, is playing for.
THIS (if you haven't seen it before) is what convinced me to cheer for the Colts.
The quality is kind of crappy but the man is hilarious.
Our contribution to the Superbowl party was a vegetarian chili and some jalapeno havarti cornbread:

John also made some bruschetta but I was at work and forgot to take a picture of it at the party.
I'll put up the recipe for the vegetarian chili on Wednesday when I have some more time.
Congrats, New Orleans. You played a good game and your I hope the victory brings your city new hope for the future :)
P.S. Love you, Peyton.

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  1. You make one hell of a veggie chili!!!! Sooooo good!!