Thursday, May 29, 2014

Currently Obsessing Over...

... The TV show Scandal.
I've watched most of season 2 in a matter of days (hours, really) and I'm hooked.

Moreover, I wish I had Olivia Pope's wardrobe.
Imagine dressing in gorgeous cashmere sweaters as your at-home lounge wear?

Puts my uniform of leggings and tank tops to shame.

Monday, May 26, 2014

100 Happy Days: Week 12

Late, as per usual these days!
I had a busy weekend so I apologize for the tardiness. 
Friday was my best friend's birthday and we went out to a murder mystery dinner theatre. 
Saturday was filled with dog walks, bridal showers, and work.
Sunday was sleep, some shopping with my mom, and a movie date with John (Neighbors. So good, highly recommended). 

So here is week 12! 

Day 78: Friday
After a horrible migraine which sent me home from work early, caused me to throw up twice, and kept me bed bound for the better part of the afternoon and evening, I started to finally feel better around 7:30, 8 pm. Since my post migraine period reminds me a lot of a hangover, I figured I was owed my go-to hangover cure: Chinese food and coke. I rarely ever drink non-diet pop, and I've cut my pop intake to about one can a week in recent months, but this can of coke was the best thing. It made me feel happy after a really rough day.

Day 79: Saturday
Tim Horton's was celebrating it's 50th anniversary and giving out free donuts at certain locations. After scouting out a location I could score one from, I made a quick stop on my way into work for a delicious freebie.

Day 80: Sunday
This 50 lb snuggler who will always be my lap dog. 

Day 81: Monday
Walks through the park have gotten much more wonderful as everything has become green, green, green. These flowers sprouting up were a nice reminder that spring/summer has finally arrived for good.

Day 82: Tuesday
The park. The beautiful park.
It felt like overnight it just exploded into green.

Day 83: Wednesday
I won a contest hosted by the amazing Ginger Rose & Summer Fresh!
I'm excited to make use of the apron, spatula (already been used several times) and the free coupons! 
And if you don't already follow Ginger Rose I suggest you do!

Day 84: Thursday
Sometimes this bug is so cute it hurts. 

Saturday, May 17, 2014

100 Happy Days: Week 11

 I apologize for being late again this week - yesterday at work I came down with the worst migraine I've had in a long time. I came home from work early and lay in bed from about 2:30 until almost 8 pm. I got up twice to throw up.Then I felt human again, kept some dinner down, then went to bed for the night.
Today, though, today I feel great. The 15 hours of sleep I got yesterday probably didn't hurt!
So here is week 11!

Day 71: Friday.
Trying to look at things glass-half-full, I was happy that this is the first show the dog has really destroyed. She's eaten the laces out of another one of my shoes but nothing this bad. Thankfully I'm in the process of culling my shoe collection before we move... although I'm not sure I was going to get rid of this pair.

Day 72: Saturday.
On my way into work I looked back before I crossed the street and thought to stop and capture the beautiful sunrise. It's a good thing I did because this was just about the peaceful part of my day. I spent the rest of the day running around, being verbally abused by several patients. 
But the quiet sunrise. No one could take 6:30 am away from me.

Day 73: Sunday.
Mother's Day!
My mom, flower child.
My hero.

Day 74: Monday.
This picture was actually taken on Sunday evening in my in-law's backyard but I really wanted to use it this week. John just gave me the perfect reason to use it for Monday - when I woke up on Monday morning, I could still smell the wonderful scent of camp fire smoke in my clothes. I love that smell. 

Day 75: Tuesday.
...and seemingly overnight the park erupted into life. 

Day 76: Wednesday.
John's been making me lemonade to satisfy my sour cravings. It's 1/3 cup sugar, 1/3 cup lemon juice, and about 2 cups of water. It's delicious. 

Day 77: Thursday.
Spotted on our park walk: a trillium!
They seem sacred to me, I guess because it's illegal to pick them. I like spotting them for that reason.

Friday, May 9, 2014

100 Happy Days: Week 10

Getting week 10 in just under the wire!
Only 30 days left - one month! 

Day 64: Friday
Another overcast rain day spent in bed with the animals.

Day 65: Saturday.
I came home from a night shift to find this wonderful surprise gift waiting for me.
We're planning to start our garden so we can transplant it into the backyard of our new place ASAP.

Day 66: Sunday.
Came home from my second night shift to an excited dog who ran around the apartment for a bit then settled where she knew I was headed. 

Day 67: Monday.
Cinquo de Mayo!
We made salsa verde enchiladas (a recipe I meant to post and might still later this weekend) and had snack-de-mayo with a 7 layer dip before we both fell asleep on the couch before 7 pm.

Day 68: Tuesday.
This is actually from the weekend but I came across the photo in my phone and realized I had forgotten to use it! At 3 am on Saturday morning I started my first IV! My very first attempt was successful and the IV stayed in for 3 days without any problems!
I was pretty pumped. I think you know you're still a newbie nurse when you wake up from your sleep and the first thing you think about is, "I hope that IV didn't go interstitial. It's the first thing I'm going to ask about in report."

Day 69: Wednesday (yes, that's a link)
When seriously craving cold juice, a black cherry popsicle is just the thing.

Day 70: Thursday.
I have this pinterest quote find on my bedside table to remind me of what's important in the morning when I'm debating getting up and throwing on some mascara or sleeping for an extra 10 minutes.
And besides, happy is beautiful. 

Friday, May 2, 2014

100 Happy Days: Week 9

Week nine!
Hard to believe how quickly the days are flying by. 
For the most part these days have all been happy and some days it's hard to pick just one thing to feature each day.

Day 57: Friday.
My best friend's mom lived out a lifelong dream of hers and put on a one woman cabaret show. It was very well done and my hat goes off to anyone brave enough to sing and tell personal stories in front of a packed room. The night included laughs with friends and delicious burgers (with extra pickles, natch).

Day 58: Saturday.
I was up early with John to head out fishing with him and the dog. It was sort of a frustrating morning as the dog had limitless energy and nearly pulled my arm out of the socket on numerous occasions. Besides that, it was a lovely peaceful morning, including some car snacks on the way home.

Day 59: Sunday.
I spent the morning with my mom shopping and decided to try my hand at Project Life scrapbooking. All of the Project Life products are gorgeous. If you want great examples of how to do this right check out Big City Quiet's spreads. 

Day 61: Tuesday.
One of those days where I could have slept for a full 24 hours. I came home from a night shift (where I fell asleep in the early hours of the morning with my head in my arms on the desk), and promptly fell into an uninterrupted sleep. When I woke up at 3 to take the dog out for a quick play, I felt like I could have slept for another 12 hours. Can you call in 'tired' to work? 
Despite the sleepiness, I do enjoy a good rain day. The pup and I had a nice quick walk in the rain and I could see new life sprouting up through the mud. Days like today make you want to curl up with a hot drink. 

Day 62: Wednesday.
This is where we'll be living at the end of June! 
We signed the lease Wednesday night so all is a go (unless of course some unforeseen calamity happens but I don't expect anything to happen). We celebrated by coming home, having burritos, and cleaning the apartment. Slowly but surely we've started recycling/throwing out/donating things.
The less stuff we have to move the better.

Day 63: Thursday.
This little face. And her wet paw prints all over the elevator.
Thankfully she's a pro at her routine when we get back in: sit, paw, paw (for towelling off).

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Wish List: Home Edition

One of my favourite things to do is make lists. 
This includes grocery lists, packing lists, and wish lists. 
I think this explains why Pinterest is so addictive because it's essentially a giant wish list. 

I don't want to jump the gun but ... we're moving moving in mid-June!
After looking at a few houses to rent, we finally found one that both of us love. 
We signed the lease last night and barring some unforeseen calamity, it'll be our new home in a month and half.
It's a bungalow with: 
  • Two decent sized bedrooms 
  • Central air
  • A large living room and a dining room 
  • A kitchen with way more space than we currently have as well as a double sink and a dishwasher (!!!) 
  • A deep bath tub (where I will be found most days)
  • A linen closet (we currently don't have one so I tried to fancifully arrange our towels in a basket in the bathroom but the dog uses them to scratch her beard so they're not the cleanest any more) 
  • A working wood burning fireplace (on the drive home I said, "awwww we can hang our stockings by the chimney with care!") 
  • A large backyard  (accessible from the back of the house and is fenced in so we can let the dog out for some morning exercise without having to take her to the park)
  • Patio furniture (nothing fancy) and a BBQ
  • The house is about a 15 minute walk from the subway or a quick bus ride and is close to a few plazas, and 2 big parks, one of which has an off-leash dog area.    
Basically I'm in love with this house. 
Rent isn't that bad and it includes all utilities. 

So my wish list now revolves around things we will need for our new space (assuming everything goes accordingly and we can move in).

One thing we can't wait to get is a real couch.
Right now we have a daybed that we use as our couch and ... I hate it. 
It's actually pretty cozyg as no one ever really sits on it, it's more of a lay-back-and-take-a-nap type couch. But it takes up room and always looks too much like a messy bed. 
So the plan will be to put the daybed in the second bedroom and buy a new (real) couch!

Wish List item #1: a real couch.

Wish List item #2: a new TV bench for the living room. 
Option A. 

or Option B

Wish List item #3: new dresser to match our bed frame and bedside tables.
Option A.

Option B.

Then in due time I want to get a second kitchen cart (this one, also from Ikea) for more counter space/storage space in the kitchen since there's an empty wall that could be used for pantry items.

I'm so excited! 
I'll admit I am sad thinking about leaving the first home John and I had together, my first home away from my parents, and this wonderful busy neighbourhood.
But I'm so ready for more space and for this new adventure!