Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sporting Life 10k!

The Sporting Life 10k was a success!
We didn't quite run as a team as we all had different paces but we all found each other after crossing the finish line and we raised some money for a great charity.

You can't see too well but we made those shirts last night before getting rested up for the big run.

I didn't manage to beat my time from last year (I actually went over by 2 mins - oops) but in my defence I hadn't trained as much this year. I really have to step it up exponentially if I'm going to make it through the half marathon I'm doing at the end of this month.
Either way, 53 minutes isn't too shabby...

Back to a regular work week now. I was spoiled by the Easter long weekend, don't know if I'm ready for a full week again! I am planning on running Tuesday through Friday this week though! Maybe I'll update on here to keep myself accountable.

Also I plan on baking some Eggies cookies this week to use up the bag that my mom bought me. Cause, you know, otherwise I will eat the entire bag within the hour.

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