Friday, February 1, 2013

Africa Bound!

Sorry for the inactivity on the blog.
It's been a busy month of working (a lot) and getting stuff ready for the big trip!
Our bags are packed, we're ready to go...
Our flight leaves at 6:30 tonight so we're just counting down the hours now until we head to the airport.
We have a full 2 days in Moshi, Tanzania before we start the trek up Kilimanjaro.
I'll hopefully be able to utilize the hotel's computer to send a quick message to people letting them know we're okay and have arrived safe and sound.
On Tuesday we start our climb.
On Saturday morning I hope to see this:

Then once we descend (and I finish my 3 hour shower/bath) we'll have a bit of time before we start looking for the big five.

Hopefully I can post a picture or two before we return on the 18th but if not - keep your eyes peeled for a lot of pictures after the 18th!
Happy Birthday (on Sunday) to my mom!
Please wait to open your gift til then :)
Happy Valentines day to everyone!
Back on the 18th!
 For my dad ;)

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