Friday, March 29, 2013

Eggs Benedict

Things have been quiet here for a little while because I've been busy working and trying to sort out a bunch of things.
As always, I took on more shifts than I maybe should have.
I work tonight, then Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night but then as of Monday morning I am on a mini-vacation until Friday the 5th.
I was supposed to be on a plane to San Francisco right now.
One of my good friends moved there earlier this year and since we don't get to see her too often, my best friend and I decided we would take off to visit her in sunny California.
We booked our trip in November, and then the holidays rolled around, then I was off in Tanzania for 2 weeks. When I got back I submitted my request for time off but it was denied, as the other nurse had already requested to be off for the long weekend.
I emailed, I phoned (sometimes a few times) and left messages, but no one was able (or willing in some cases) to work any of my shifts.
So here I am.
At least I'm making time and half to update my blog!
The story gets more depressing - after my disappointment at having to cancel my SF trip, I was invited to join a number of my girlfriends in the Bahamas! But one evening, after having spent the afternoon on the phone canceling one trip and rebooking another, I got the bad news that the Bahamas trip wasn't going to work out.
So I had a good cry in frustration then called Expedia back and canceled a second trip.
Small things to get upset about in the grand scheme of things but I've already been feeling pretty worn out and fed up with my nights-only work schedule here.
I feel like it's starting to take a toll on the quality of my marriage and on my friendships.
April will be a month of resolutions:
To spend more quality time with John and to make sure he knows how much I appreciate him.
To spend more time with friends and make time for the people I haven't seen in awhile.
To work less and take more time to be happy.
I'm really looking forward to being off next week.
I'm getting my hair done, I have a date with a good friend, and my sister and I are going to a baseball game. And that's only one day!
Tomorrow John and I are having a "day-t" as he calls it.
Once I've woken up we're going to have breakfast in bed with a movie, then go for a run together, then spend the rest of the evening being lazy and in love.
I'm really looking forward to it.
Also... this is all I've been craving for the past few hours.
I may stop and pick up some of the essentials on my way home in order to make this as some point this weekend.
I'm going to use Martha's recipe, found here (and here for the hollandaise sauce).
Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend!
Here's looking forward to a happy & healthy April!


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