Thursday, January 8, 2015

2014 Hopes & Dreams Recap

At the start of last year I decided that instead of making resolutions that I would inevitably break that I would instead come up with some hopes and dreams to try and guide my year.

So, how did I do with my 10 Hopes & Dreams for 2014?

1. Run at least one of the following distances: 21 km (my 4th half-marathon), 30 km (Around The Bay or A Midsummer's Night Run), or 42 km (my first - and most likely last - full marathon)

Didn't do this one unfortunately. I found out I was pregnant in April, which is usually around the time that I start ramping up my running and to be totally honest, I was usually too tired to go for a run. I even skipped the Sporting Life 10 k last year. 

2. Start a family. (temporarily) Gain 30 + lbs.

Done! And just before timer an out on 2014 too! I might be most proud of this one. 
I have a daughter and I am a mom.

3. Put away $5000-10,000 into savings for a house.

Also accomplished this one! Thank goodness for my tax free savings account! We also moved into a rental house this summer so our urgent desire to buy a house isn't so urgent anymore. We're happy here with our increased space and backyard until we have a solid down payment for a house of our own.

4. Stop telling myself I need to get lean/put on muscle/workout to be healthy. Do it only to be happy. Walk long distances with the dog, swim in cold lakes, get lost on runs, ride my bike to work, hike/canoe/portage through nature.

Done. Except I didn't really go for many runs because of the whole pregnant thing. But I did go on many many long walks with the dog, and I did go on a hiking camping trip this fall.

5. Make a Happy List on the blog once a month and be thankful for all the wonderful things in my life. 

Almost did this one. I did the 100 Happy Days Challenge instead.

6. Learn how to speak French again. A patient at work speaks only Swahili and French. While my French is passable (barely), having her laugh, kindly, at my attempts to communicate with her have made me acutely aware of how badly I wish I was bilingual. 

I took French classes but didn't stick with it. I missed a few classes because of work and other obligations but it was fun to get back into it for a bit. 

7. Appreciate my friends & family more and make sure they know it.

I hope I did this!

8. Become more of an activist for HIV/AIDS. Attend more conferences, correct common misconceptions, become a better nurse. 

I did attend a few conferences and workshops and tried to correct misconceptions when I heard them. This is one of those goals that I will work on throughout my career. It'll never be checked off as completely done. 

9. Knit more. Maybe learn to crochet.

I didn't learn how to crochet but I did knit 2 baby blankets, one with a cable stitch, and 3 hats this year! New skill accomplished.

10. Go on lots of dates. With John, friends, my parents, etc. 

I also think I accomplished this one. Maybe more friend dates could have bee planned but, like number 8, this is one that I continue to work on forever.

So all in all, it looks like 2014 was a successful year!

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