Thursday, November 11, 2010

Worst. Blogger. Ever. (but the workers at my placement love me!)

I know I promised to post more in the past and fell through on that promise but I can honestly say that once December hits, this blog will be back up and running like the old days.
I have 2 more insane weeks of everything being due and then I have only ONE exam in December!
So very very excited at the thought of not having to study for 5 exams.
School and work have taken over my life but I've managed to squeeze in some baking on the weekends. It's honestly such a stress reliever, I think I'd be sitting in a padded room if I didn't squeeze in a little baking when I could.
I've been baking something almost every week for the caseworkers at my placement so as a result I've made some friends.
One even said, "what are we going to do when you're placement is up?"
So sweet.
And on Tuesday in the elevator one of the front desk workers started rubbing my back and calling me Jamie, her little baker. Hahaha I love it. I've found a location where I am once again the baker supreme (insert big smiley face here).
This week I didn't bring anything in on Tuesday and the security guard was anxiously awaiting to see what I I obviously used my free time on Tuesday to make something for them on Wednesday!
Choux pastry dipped in chocolate

They were a HUGE hit.
I also made some stained glass cookies but those went to John and his friends at work.

I'll post the recipe for these tomorrow. They're pretty easy to make and they look really cool. They do get stuck in your teeth very easily though.

Lastly, before I squeeze in another 15 minutes of essay writing (darn you Jane Eyre, Rochester, and Bertha Mason, darn you all right to heck) I've become slightly obsessed with the craze that's infiltrated every elementary school in Toronto:
Silly Bandz.
I'm sure these are nation-wide if not world-wide, but man I love 'em.
A woman I work with told me about 'adult' ones that she saw...kind of want to find them.
Ebay here I come.

I got the cake and the butterfly from a girl I used to babysit, and I found the shark one but have since passed it on to a friend who had none.
Gotta share the silly bandz wealth!

Also a little girl told me she had a Justin Beiber one.... what? Where do I get one!?

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