Tuesday, March 1, 2011

'Good Things' for March 2011

With March comes the start of spring!
It's more an official thing than an actual thing, as the snow and cold weather will likely continue on into April. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a crazy Easter weekend like last year where temperatures hit close to 30 degrees. Beautiful!
Anyway, thinking about spring has gotten me thinking about nice weather, being outside and putting away my winter clothes in favour of spring outfits.
I realize it's way to early to actually be doing this but a girl can dream.
And dreaming has resulted in the majority of this Good Things list for March.
1. Lace & Florals

Sigh, Spring. Come sooner rather than later so I can buy some nice new dresses. I'm looking for lace and florals this spring. Ohhhhh I cannot wait to be able to wear a dress bear-legged again!
And yes, March is maybe too early to actually be wearing these dresses but it's nice to know that in a few weeks the weather will improve and this dreams will turn to reality.
2. This Gucci Handbag

While I still lust after the Mulberry Alexa bag, I really like this Gucci handbag for spring. I'm not a fan of the bags that shove their label and logo in your face. I prefer more subtle bags like this one. The whole bag feels like the love child of a Fendi spy bag, a Hermes Birkin, with a splash of the Alexa. But at just over $5000 this bag will have to be added to the dream list. Along with soooo many others.

3. St. Patrick's Day

Being Irish (on my Dad's side and a splattering of celtic-ness on my mom's side), this is one holiday I am proud to celebrate. By drinking. It's kind of sad that this guy is the patron Saint of Ireland and we celebrate him in all of his glory by getting absolutely polluted.
But hey! Green beer!
Maybe we could also celebrate all things Irish by making some brown bread (I'll put up a recipe later this month - brown bread in Ireland is the best bread I have ever eaten in my life, hands down).

4. Archer
Arguably my new favourite show.
A co-worker/friend suggested I start watching it so during reading week I found it online and watched as much of it as I could.
And fell in love.
It's hilarious.
I highly recommend if you're looking for a new tv show to watch that you get on this bandwagon.
Try tvtore.com or ganjavideo.com (just trust, don't ask how I found those sites).

Well that's it for March!

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