Sunday, October 23, 2011

Oh hi, remember me?

It's been awhile.
But you'll have to believe me when I say it's me, not you.
School has taken over my life in recent weeks but the light at the end of  the tunnel is getting brighter.
I just handed in a history essay that has taken up every free moment of my time for the past two weeks.
Tuesday I hand in a group paper and then on Saturday I have the final exam for my history elective.
Then things will get a bit easier, at least temporarily.

Here's what you've missed:

My sister had a birthday and my best friend made her an incredible cake! After asking what her favourite kind of cake was my sister replied, "I'm not a huge fan of cake. Honestly I'd prefer a big plate of nachos."
So she got the best of both worlds. 
So cool.
And the carrot cake underneath was delicious.

 I also made pulled pork and cheddar biscuits to go with it. I think that may have been the last thing I posted about. I didn't have jalapenos for the biscuits so I added a dash of cayenne pepper to spice them up.

A few nights ago I asked John what he wanted for dinner and he asked if we had any Kraft dinner.
We didn't.
So having an excuse to not write my essay any more drop right into my lap, I decided to make mac and cheese myself.
We only had spaghetti (John cleaned out the cupboards cause we had a moth infestation and he ended up throwing out a lot of our stuff) but it worked well enough.
I melted cheddar and mozarella cheese into milk then added the cooked pasta.
It was pretty good!

One night this week I decided to make a nicer dinner (again, needed a good reason to not have to sit in front of my laptop for hours). I went with a fall-themed chicken and stuffed chicken breasts with brie, bacon, and apple slices.
The flavours worked really well together, not to mention the fact that bacon makes everything taste better.

In other news -
I found (and subsequently purchased) my wedding dress!
Well to be clear my mom purchased my wedding dress (thanks mom!) but wow!
I made an appointment last Saturday to go and try on some dresses to get an idea of what style would look best.
The second dress I tried on was the one.
It happened so fast!
I wasn't expecting to walk out of the store with a dress but it's been purchased.
I want to put up pictures but I also want to wait and do the big reveal in August.
And I also don't want John to see it.
I did cave and show him a not-so-great picture from a phone but that's all.
Ohhhhhhhhh man, so very very exciting!
It's beautiful.
I'm going to go look at the pictures of it again.
And take my banana bread out of the oven!
And then finish my group paper section :(

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