Monday, October 10, 2011

Thanksgiving/Birthday Long Weekend

Happy belated Thanksgiving!
It's a day late but it's also Thanksgiving Monday (aka stay in your PJs all day Monday) so I'm not that late.

This week there haven't been any posts because I have barely had time to sit still let alone make anything worth blogging about.
Monday I worked, Tuesday I went from the hospital straight to work, Wednesday I worked 2 shifts, Thursday I worked then went to the hospital for an overnight shift, then Friday I had a midterm then Thanksgiv'r.
Saturday John and I went for an adventure picnic to the Terracotta Badlands and to the Forks of the Credit River. I had been feeling somewhat nauseous on the drive up so I didn't get to appreciate the badlands to their full extent. I did start to feel a lot better once we found a nice shaded spot under a tree overlooking Kettle Lake at the Forks of the Credit.

Plus serrano ham and havarti on foccacia with a can of Dr. Pepper never hurt anyone.

Saturday night we went out to The Hoxton for my little sister's birthday.
Hard to believe she's 24!
Yesterday was her birthday so we celebrated with turkey and stuffing and cake and pie.
You can't see it too well in this photo but her cake (courtesy of my best friend over at Blondie's Bakery)  incredible - a carrot cake plate of nachos!
Better pictures to follow.

This week: I'm making pulled pork (right now), have a few nights off (which mean essay writing but also blog post - hurray!) and then my first wedding dress adventure on Saturday! Ah!
I also want to make jalapeno cheddar biscuits but seeing as it's a holiday I'm not optimistic that the grocery stores are open and I'm even less optomistic that Shoppers Drug Mart has jalapeno peppers....

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