Monday, July 16, 2012

Martha Stewart Living August 2012 Review

The August issue of Martha Stewart Living arrived last week and I was quick to browse through it. I still haven't read all of it but I wanted to share some of the things I thought were particularly good.

An edible dessert bowl solution: Cookie Cups

Basically it's as easy as rolling out puff pastry, cutting out squares, and shaping them around an upside down muffin tin pan. Bake according to the package details, or until the pastry starts to brown.
Voila! Perfectly shaped edible dessert bowls.

Summer Hair: A Braiding How-to Guide

From fishtail (which I finally taught myself how to do 2 summers ago but don't have thick enough hair to have it look really really good) and french, to the a classic braid and the rope braid (which I'm going to try ASAP), the article provides step-by-step instructions and illustrations to teach you how to become a braid master.
French braids are my go to out-of-the-way hair style so this article gave a new style to try out.

Recipe that isn't a recipe: Avocado bar

Why have I never ever thought of doing this before!?
Avocados have such a smooth texture and flavour that make them a perfect condiment for or addition to most foods. And they're loaded with the good fats you need so if you need an excuse to add some avocado to your diet here's a great idea.
Cut avocados in half, remove the stone, and use them as a bowl! Fill them with Mexican inspired ingredients like tomatos, salsa, black beans, onions, and top with some parmesan cheese. Set out bowls of ingredients and let guests create their own avocado salads.

After having a healthy serving of guacamole last night, you can bet I'll be trying out this idea sooner rather than later. If I can find avocados for a reasonable price this avocado bar idea might even make an appearance at this year's Fam Jam....

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