Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Bridesmaid Gift

As my gift to my bridesmaids I'm putting together a few things. I won't give them all away in the off chance that any of them read this blog but I will share one item that I've been working on.

I was inspired by this picture on pintrest:

I went out and bought some nice hangers for their bridesmaids dresses.
I bought some letter stickers from Michaels as well as some acrylic craft paint from the Martha Stewart collection (in Hydrangea Purple). I spelled out each bridesmaid's name in stickers on the hangers.

Then, using the paint, I painted one coat over top of the letters. I also applied scotch tape over sections of the hangers to ensure a nice crisp border. I let the paint dry (give it a few hours) before carefully removing the letters from the hanger.

Some of the letters didn't turn out quite as nicely as I was hoping for but I am going to go back over them and clean them up a bit. With the exception of the last hanger (which was drying at the time of the picture) - The finished product:

It's as easy craft and a nice way to personalize a hanger for your bridesmaids to keep their dresses on.

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