Thursday, November 22, 2012

Late night/early morning ramblings

It's 0322 hrs.
I'm at work.
Enjoying some peace and quiet (I've definitely just jinxed it).
I'm in the middle of a very long string of night shifts and while I'm thankful for the pay cheque that will be coming my way, I really miss my bed.
I've been trying to sneak in naps, including on my breaks, but I find I can't fall asleep for such short periods and if I do I wake up feeling much worse than if I just hadn't slept in the first place.
I have been enjoying my breaks though with this book:
I'm about half way through it and really enjoying it.
I've also been sticking (more or less) to a gym routine.
This week I've been sneaking off to the gym before I even go upstairs to my apartment.
It makes crawling into bed afterward that much more satisfying.
Preparation for this:

I've been trying to eat better too. I made a raspberry pomegranate chicken thingy for dinner which turned out quite good. I'd post the recipe but it's as easy as this:
1. Cook chicken
2. Cut into peices and put into frying pan. Add 1/4 cup raspberry vinegrette and pomegranate seeds (called arils, strangely enough) and cook on med-high until the chicken looks nicely coated.
I need to start posting more regularly (and more about more interesting things) but don't expect me to make good on that until Monday at the earliest.
Although if tomorrow night is quiet I might post some recipes for cheesecake (I got some in the mail today and proceeded to salivate for several minutes).
I was google searching nursing for a funny night shift picture but instead I found these bad boys.
All of which made me laugh.
Fellow RNs/RPNs enjoy - everyone else take note (haha)

Yuuuup. Or sleep-deprived the morning after the last night shift so that I'll sleep on a regular schedule again.

Haha this reminds me of one of my first night's on the unit when a nurse told me to give a patient haldol even though they weren't agitated and I didn't feel right just dosing them up with sedatives to make MY life easier.... a decision, while morally/ethically right, I regretted several hours later. 
But also I'd be chasing this Doc down to get him to complete the order. PO? SC?
My clinical instructor in second year more or less told me this was how she got her revenge on A-holes while working in the ER.
But seriously. We can pick the biggest ones.

Midazolam. Sleep, dear patient. Sleeeeeeeep.

I might be this mother.
But probably not because I'm an RN AND a hypochondriac.

Dear God my hands have never been so dry as they are at the end of an 8 or 12 hour shift, having washed my hands an estimated 100+ times.

On a palliative unit.... this rings very true.

"Please don't get up. Sit back down. Use the call bell for assistance. WHEEEEOOOO WHEEEEOOO WHEEEOOO" - the bed alarms.
Most annoying when people readjust themselves juuuuuust off of the sensor so it's going crazy for no reason.
Or when you actually run like a maniac because the bed alarm you hear is the guy who's fallen out of bed 3 times already that week.
That's enough for now but there are so many other funny and oh-so true ones that I came across.
Better posts soon!
Gotta go draw up some morphine & dilaudid injections.
(smallest needle size)

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  1. I have Inside on my 'must read' list. glad to hear that you're liking it!