Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Let's Get Physical

I've talked a bit about my need to keep running and to get in better shape but - with the exception of one week where I ate as much as I possibly could and countered it with a lot of sitting on the couch - I've managed to stick with it.
I've been running in training for the Sporting Life 10K (this will be my 5th year running I think!) and just recently, spurred on by a mysteriously energetic 17 km run, I signed myself up for the Toronto Goodlife Half Marathon on May 5th.
I had been going back and forth in my mind about doing it and I finally hit the register button on Sunday evening. As soon as I did I was filled with a sense of excitement and also a growing sense of impending doom.
Was this foolish? Can I really train for 21km in two weeks?
I've been going for regular 10 + km runs so I think I can.
Plus registering for runs keeps me motivated and pushes me to get out of bed and into a pair of running shoes on those days when I'd rather watch daytime TV and eat all of my meals at once.
Spring has finally shown up in this beautiful city which makes running outside oh so much more enjoyable.
It also means that summer and bikini season is also on the horizon.
My goal is to get in decent shape for the May long weekend.
--> keep running on a regular schedule
--> do my squats & lunges to tighten the glutes
--> add in exercises for my arms and upper body, which I too often neglect
Make some fitness goals of your own and join me!
One month to the long weekend!

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