Monday, February 3, 2014

Happy Birthday Mom!

To my mom -

 who taught me to be strong and passionate, kind and accepting of everyone.
who gave up a lot so her family could have a bit more.
who would wake up early on weekends to take her daughters to gymnastics practices and competitions.
who once walked through a snowstorm to bring my sister Tylenol. 

Who I love very much.

Happy Birthday!

On Saturday, with the invaluable help of my aunt Wendy, my dad, sister and I successfully threw her a surprise party!
I can't thank everyone enough for braving the bad weather and making it out (and completely understand those who chose not to risk the drive - I don't think I would have risked it either) .

She was completely shocked and (hopefully) happy to see so many familiar faces there to celebrate with her.

Although I forgot to take more, here are a few pictures from the party!

The theme of the party was Paris so we colour coordinated things white, black & pink.
On the carrot cake I stencilled happy birthday with icing sugar. Unfortunately the sugar dissolved and didn't show up as well so I tried to re-do it with sprinkles, which also didn't really work.
Using an image I found online, I traced over the eiffel tower on parchment paper with melting chocolate and let them harden before using them to decorate the edges of the cake (to hide the less-than-stellar icing job).

Our spread was pretty full with lots of kind party goers bringing snacks to add.

And everyone left with a party favour - delicious looking macaron soaps courtesy of Baked Soap.

A few people thanked me for alerting them it was soap as they would have eaten them on the way home.
I ordered these soaps here (more info available on the website here) and they make amazing party favours for any occasion.

Happy Birthday Mom!
I love you.

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