Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine's Day: 2 Cute Last Minute Ideas

Chalk it up to working nights last weekend but I found some more cute DIY Valentine's Day ideas that I want to share.
You've got one more day to get your valentine's in order!

Here are some last minute DIY ideas.

The first is Date Arrows from Sugar & Cloth.

DIY date night valentine arrows

Using some simple (and easy to get a hold of) supplies, you can become your very own cupid.
Come up with some fun ideas for dates for your valentine.
This works in many ways too, because if your valentine is getting on your nerves you can shoot these at them.
But they can't be mad because you're doing it with love.
Go here to see the whole post

The second is a Valentine's Garland Mailer from Oh Happy Day

This one you might need to hand deliver though, or express mail it if you want it to reach your intended in time.
You can see the whole post with instructions here

I'm going on a Valentine's Day dinner tonight with the hubs to a new pizaa & wine bar that just opened around the corner from us.
Expect a review later!

Happy Valentine's Day

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