Sunday, June 1, 2014

100 Happy Days: Week 13

Late again, although having been late with these the last few weeks I feel like it's become the standard and I don't need to apologize!
Busy weekend filled with birthdays and wedding celebrations and dog walks and gardening at our soon to be new place.

Day 85: Friday.
My best friend celebrated her 29th birthday with a bang - a murder mystery bang. We went to a dinner theater for good food, good company, and good entertainment.

Day 86: Saturday.
This guy.
Pictures of the dog have taken over so this guy needed some lovin' too. 

Day 87: Sunday.
I went to visit my parents and picked up a windmill for my dad - he was so happy you would have thought I had given him a winning lottery ticket. It was a nice reminder that the smallest things often mean the most.

Day 88: Monday.
Date night. John and I decided to go see 'Neighbors' and treated ourselves to some hotdogs and giant theatre drinks. The movie is hilarious and I highly recommend it to anyone in need of a good laugh. I had tears running down my face during the 'milking' scene.

Day 89: Tuesday.
I found ice cream for 99 cents at the grocery store.
Enough said.

Day 90: Wednesday.
In anticipation of John's 30th birthday I tried to do something nice for him everyday last week.
On Wednesday I brought him home a cinnabon. It worked out well for me because he's the kind of guy to share. 

Day 91: Thursday.
To celebrate his last day in his 20s we went out for dinner at Rodney's Oyster House. 
For someone who doesn't like seafood I give this place my endorsement. It was really good. 
John had oysters (of course) and the scallops (which were quite tasty) and I - being adventurous - ordered a lobster. We'll definitely be going back some day.

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