Friday, June 6, 2014

100 Happy Days: Week 14

Week 14 - the pen-ultimate week! 
Next week really only has 2 days to go before I hit 100 but I might extend it to Friday just to end it on a nice round note. 

And look who's on time this week with her post!

Day 92: Friday.
My birthday loves. 
30 years & 1 year.

Day 93: Saturday.
She likes to bring us toys when we come home and recently she's figured out how to get two toys in her mouth. It was picture worthy that she managed to get THREE in her jaws to bring to the door (fox, a yellow pillow, and Doug the duck).

Day 94: Sunday.
Our garden. We went over to water it and put in the last of the herbs, as well as do a little trimming of the trees.
We're growing zucchini (the big mothers, the one's that grow to 10 x the size of supermarket zucchini), beets, carrots, 2 types of lettuce, cherry tomatoes, rhubarb, beans, .... 

Day 95: Monday.
One thing I'll miss about our current home is how close we are to the park. I know there's another park near our new home but Sherwood has come to be one of my all time favourite places. 
Reese and I have been taking extra long walks this week to enjoy every last moment of our neighbourhood.

Day 96: Tuesday.
Our soon-to-be new backyard. 
Look how perfect it is. I'm completely smitten. 
Not pictured is our storage shed just in behind the hedge on the left hand side and the BBQ which is further over to the left. Our garden is in the back right hand corner in a perfect patch of almost constant sunlight. 

Day 97: Wednesday.
John got us rhubarb to plant in the garden and he brought some home as well. That was all the inspiration needed to do some baking. 

Day 98: Thursday.
Another park shot. I don't know what percentage of my 100 days are park pictures but my guess would be high. A high percentage. It's hard not to be happy surrounded by lush greenery, warm sunshine, and a very happy dog. 

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