Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Christmas Wednesday (week 2)

Merry Christmas......Wednesday!

As promised, here is your Wednesday craft/recipe/gift idea!

One thing I have always wanted to try making is a wreath. They are beautiful but soooo expensive to purchase. And rather than study for exams I will gladly spend an entire day putting one together.
I'm going to try to craft this one: The Silver Fir and Holly Wreath

I mean, just look at it! ... I'll be hitting up the dollar store for supplies and maybe my parent's trees. I'll have to brainstorm some ideas for the snow....white spakles of some sort I guess and glue. I'll be sure to line the floor with newspaper so as not to get any sparkles and pine needles on the floor. John already blames me for all of the dirt on the floor... but honestly, can he conclusively say that those are my blonde hairs? And is there a strong positive correlation between the dirtiness of my unstocking-ed feet and the state of the floor? I mean it all comes down to science right? Let's get a forensic team in here. Someone call Gil Grissom. Or H for some Miami heat. Heeeeyyyyyyy

Anyway, the point is I don't want to make the floor dirty. Anymore than I already do.

I'm done school (classes anyway) in 4-ish weeks so I will get on my crafting kick December 5th.

If you want to make a wreath for yourself, here are some more ideas:

Paper Wreath (an easier craft)

The Noble fir and Eucalyptus Wreath

Classical Column Window Frame (if you're feeling up to a more challenging task)


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