Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Cupcake Shoppe - the best part of my walk to and from the subway

Or at least tied for first with Sugar Mountain....

The Cupcake shoppe is this little bakery on Yonge Street that makes the best looking cupcakes - and they taste as good as they look. The bakery itself also smells amazing. Walking past it early in the morning on my way to the hospital or work I'd get this wafting smell of baking and chocolate....*sigh*

I've made purchases there twice only. They're beautiful but it'll cost you. One cupcake will set you back $2.50 I believe. And a dozen are $25.

I got a dozen last year for two of my nursing friend's birthdays and had to put signs on the box telling John to keep his paws away from them. He was distressed. So I went back and bought him one.
See if you can resist the look of these cupcakes. Oh, the cupcakes also have names like "Yonge and Eligible"

Pictures mercilessly stolen from another blog that came up when I googled The Cupcake Shopper: Hope they don't mind!
Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I'll have more days off this week so I'll be posting more AND Tuesday is Dec. 1st so starting Tuesday (hopefully...I'm out of the house from 7 am-11:30 pm) I'll be posting everyday until Christmas!
No more Christmas Wednesdays - Christmas EVERYDAY!!!!! Dreams come trueeeee
Ok....and calm.
Hey one last bit of kind of neat info for yous guys: if the snow holds off until Tuesday, this will be the first November for Toronto since 1937 that there has been no snow on the ground. Kind of interesting, thought I'd mention it, since Mother Nature is denying my first snow fall "good thing" for November. I'm not complaining though. All I want is snow for Christmas then party done. Melt away!

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