Monday, November 16, 2009

Sick Day

As much as I hate feeling sick, I love sick days. There's nothing better than lying in bed, all cozy, with a movie or daytime TV.
This morning I was checking my email before heading off to school when I got my pre-migraine blindspot. It's not a nice feeling. Imagine not being able to see anything in a certain area of your peripheral vision. The only good thing about it is that I get the blindspot about 15-30 mins before the actual migraine sets in so it gives me a chance to take some serious pain killers. I put my pj's back on and lay in bed with the curtains closed. I put on Monsters Inc and tried to sleep through the migraine. Mine usually last about 1-2 hours so I figure in the time it takes me to watch (sleep through) a movie, the migraine should run its course.
Here are my tips for surviving a migraine headache:
  1. Take painkillers! Tylenol, advil, whatever you've got. Even better if you've got ones specific to migrane pain. And take 2. Don't try to suffer through it. There's no shame in medicating yourself to sleep. There IS crying in this baseball.
  2. Get into bed and open a window. Feeling a little bit cold is much better. Cold compresses can help too as the blood vessels in your head are quite dilated - the cold will help them to constrict.
  3. Lie in the dark. I like to listen to movies or tv shows because then I don't think. I keep the volume low to keep my head from pounding though and I keep my eyes shut. Tight.
  4. Try to sleep. The longer you can sleep through a migraine, the less time you have to spend in agony.

That's it that's all!

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