Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Getting down to the nitty gritty

It makes me kind of sad to think about, but there are only 3 more Wedding Wednesdays to go before the wedding!
There will still be a few afterward, as I can blog about some of the things I wanted to keep secret from guests (and John) and can share with you some of the pictures from the big day.

With only 23 days to go until the wedding we're really getting down to the nitty gritty.
All the little DIY things we talked about doing now need to be done.

For this Wedding Wednesday I'm going to share with you some 'snapshots' of what we've been busy doing.

I bought a beautifully bordered corkboard from Winners and on Monday I finished writing names of our guests on the escort cards and organized them onto the board.

You may recall from a previous WW post that I stamped 120 escort cards to look like this:

John got busy in his parents' workshop cutting boards of wood into wine bottles and then painting them with chalkboard paint. He crafted stands for them too so the chalkboards will stand on top of the laterns on each table. We will write the table numbers on each one and then figure out a game to give away the hand-crafted chalkboards to one lucky guest at each table!

We've also been playing around with the seating arrangements.
This sucks.
Plain and simple.
If you've ever planned a wedding, you understand.
At one point we had 2 tables with 4 people because we didn't think those groups of 4 would get along. So we've taken a breather and will attack it again as the reply cards continue to come in. 

And finally, something that makes me happier than happy.
I've scrapped the guest book scrap book idea and gone back to my original idea for a guest book - the puzzle pieces!
I was wandering DeSerres looking for fancy push pins for the escort card board when I stumbled across blank puzzles! The 12-piece puzzle of bigger pieces was $3.75 so I bought 9 of them. 108 pieces should be enough for about 120 people to sign. Some people will sign as a pair and some will forget to sign all together.
I also bought fine tipped Sharpies in mint green, purple, black, and silver.
And then bought some letters to use for both the puzzle book and for the escort board.

My hope is that guests will sign puzzle pieces (laid out like this on a table) then once everyone has signed, the pieces will be put individually into a large mason jar for us to reconstruct and frame once we get home.

23 days to go.
Bittersweet countdown - I cannot WAIT but I also don't want it to all be over.
At least I'll have my best friend's wedding to help with!
...and by 'help' I mean force her to let me craft things/plan things for her.

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