Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Personal touch extras

I was a very hands on, DIY bride. And I wouldn't have had it any other way. There's something very rewarding about having a hand in creating your day and being able to incorporate the little things hat make you unique as a couple.
Several people jokingly asked if we would be including our cat Murray in our wedding. Most had visions of our lazy cat sauntering down the aisle with our rings tied to. Little pillow on his back.
No way was I letting that happen. I love my cat but he might be the worst cat ever. He has never really been outside save for short jaunts to the vet in his carrier and when we let him Lou ge on the balcony. He would be so overwhelmed he wouldnt know what to do.
So that was out of the question.
What I did though, being a bit of a crazy cat lady and all, was to include Murray in a way that didn't require his physical presence and in a way that ended many of our guests leaving with a smile.

Murray, MD, provided guests with some morning after medications. I used a photo of him that I had taken when he was still a cute little kitten and I added in a stethoscope in Microsoft paint. I added some typewriter font in picmonkey and sent off the image to be printed. I bought Tylenol and tums and made little packages with 2 pills of each included. As a nurse (and one who works with palliative patients) I don't believe people should be made to suffer when pain relief is available to them.
I didn't want our guests to be regretting the beverage choices they made the night before.

I think it's a great idea for anyone who wants to add in a personal touch to their wedding.
The Tylenol and Tums were fairly cheap so this is also a budget friendly idea!

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