Monday, September 3, 2012

Niagara Honeymoon: Part 2

There's nothing quite as enjoyable as spending an afternoon checking out wineries and finding new favourites.
After deciding to try and find a particular type of wine, John and I set out on a wine tour. We picked 4 wineries we had never visited before and plan to do the same thing the next time we do this. With the number of wineries in the Niagara region I don't think we'll run out of new one's to visit anytime soon.
Our first stop was StoneyRidge where we attempted to track down the vidal blanc we'd had with dinner.
Instead, we sampled a few whites and a few reds. We left with a pinot grigio and a bottle of Passion, a very sweet red wine.
The winery has a lovely herb garden in the front and is quite pretty to walk through.
Our next stop was a winery recommended to us by our server - Kacaba. 

It has a beautiful patio where visitors are encouraged to bring their own lunches and eat while enjoying a glass or two of wine.
Kacaba focuses mainly on making reds. John and I sampled a few different cabernet francs (the single vineyard 2008, the Reserve 2007, and a 2010 Reserve that hasn't been released for sale yet).
We were both very impressed with the 2007 Reserve and purchased a few bottles - one for ourselves and 2 as gifts. It was the most expensive bottle we purchased that day but it was worth it as we plan to open it on our first wedding anniversary.
The 3rd stop was arguably my favourite of the day - Megalomaniac.
The winery is atop a hill and the drive up is very scenic.
There are row upon row of grapes everywhere you look.

The winery itself looks like something out of a medieval picture and appears to be built right into the hill.

John and I were very impressed by the assistant wine maker who helped guidde our tastings with honesty and humour.
Megalomaniac makes 2 reislings, The Narcissist  and Homegrown, both of which are two of my new favourites. I think I prefer the Homegrown, as they blend it with icewine which gives it an incredible sweetness.
We also sampled the Frank Cabernet and the Cabernet Sauvignon which we bought a bottle of.
To compliment the bottle of Narcissist and the 6 bottles of the Homegrown Reisling that we also bought.
We decided to take a break from day drinking and enjoy some lunch while taking in the awesome view overlooking the lake and surrounding Niagara area.

If you only pick one winery to visit I would recommend Megalomaniac for both it's view and for it's wines.
Our last stop of the day was Malivoire.

I don't think we gave this winery a fair chance because we were tired, a little tipsy (me), and ready to get back to the hotel for our massages.
The people at Malivoire were all incredibly friendly and knowledgeable.
We left with a bottle of the Musque Spritz for ourselves and two more as gifts.
It has a bubbly feel on the tongue when you first sip it so I'm saving our bottle for a special occasion.
Maybe a one-month-married celebration?

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