Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Easy & Low Calorie Banana Pancakes

If you're anything like me, you've come home from work and made pancakes.
Or been watching tv and decided, hey, I'm going to make some pancakes.
Or looked in your fridge/cupboard and found items that make you say, "these would go great in some pancakes."
Basically I love pancakes.
They're so versatile. They're a delicious medium for most other types of food: add fruit or berries, add bacon, add candy, even add cheese.
The only problem is that the amount of wheat and sugar isn't so great for you.
I saw a recipe on Pinterest awhile back which suggested that banana pancakes could be made using only 2 ingredients.
I was skeptical.
But last weekend I finally got around to trying it out and the results were delicious.

It's really, really simple to make these.
You'll need:

(the pinterest recipe called for a 1 banana: 1 egg ratio but I was successful with the extra banana).
So that's 2 bananas and 1 egg.

Pre-heat a frying pan and if it's not non-stick then make sure it's sprayed or buttered.
Pour the banana mix in and let it cook until it can be flipped, just like a regular pancake.
The banana tastes so good when it starts to caramelize from the heat. You almost don't even need to add any syrup.
And the bonus is that at a total of only 285 calories for the entire batch of pancakes (mind you I got about 3-4 pancakes out of my mix), you're also getting a lot of protein from the egg and potassium from the banana.
Plus with the calories you save you can eat an entire pack of bacon to balance things out.

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