Wednesday, September 4, 2013

1st Anniversary Gifts: Part 1

**For some reason this was saved in my drafts and was never published! Oops!
Enjoy belatedly :)
As the big day draws closer I've been putting the finishing touches on John's anniversary present.
Sticking to my theme of the paper card encompassing the 5 ways to show your love, I present to you my 'Acts of Service' contribution.
I made a few coupons for John to use to 'get out of jail free' with respect to household chores.
I tried to pick some of the more common ones that we do.
I google image searched for the famous Monopoly card and opened it in picmonkey to customize it.

The other gifts I'll be keeping secret until after the big reveal for fear that John will read all about them before hand.
Some of his co-workers have been reading the blog [Hi! I promise to keep stuff more impersonal ;) haha] and I fear he's worried about what I'm posting for them to read and therefore might pop on to see what's new.
Feel free to copy and print these coupons if you think you'd use them.
I can make more too!

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