Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Seafood-phobes: There's Hope Yet

As you may know, I am not a fan of seafood.
I've tried.
I will eat shrimp, crab, scallops and lobster on occasion but they're never my first choices.
Yesterday for dinner I was feeling kind of sick of the standard chicken/beef dishes I've been making.
I decided to venture outside my comfort zone a little and buy some fish.
I'm trying to up my protein intake a bit and fish is great with all it's protein and omega 3s and 6s.
While perusing the frozen section I came across these little beauties by Cedar Bay:
I bought one of each, figuring if I was going to try to be a fish-phile I'd need something heavily seasoned, spiced, and flavoured.
I overcooked them a bit which (for me) turned out to be a blessing.
I actually enjoyed them.
The Sugar & Spice seasoning was delicious but I have to give the top award to the Applewood with Orange & Ginger flavouring.
It was delicious.
I ate salmon and didn't make a face once.
I even ate everything on my plate!
Maybe my palate is growing up?
For someone who hasn't liked seafood ever in their 28 years on this planet (save for the fishsticks I ate as a kid which doesn't count cause I was young and those things are so heavily breaded they couldn't taste bad) this is a miracle.
For anyone else who dislikes fish but wants to incorporate it into their diet: don't give up! There's hope!
Look for these cedar planked salmon packages in the frozen fish section.
There's a bunch more flavours on the website that - so strangely in my mind - I want to try.
Give them a try!

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