Sunday, November 17, 2013

Christmas Wish List. Cause Everyone Deserves a Selfish 'Want' Post.

It happened.

I was trying to avoid it for fear of diluting the season but it happened anyway, as I suspected it would.

I got bit by the Christmas bug.
All it took was one venture outside into the world of red Starbucks cups, Christmas lights and trimmed trees in store windows and the sounds of holiday music.

I've found my walks with the dog are even more pleasant with Mariah Carey singing into my earphones that all she wants for Christmas is me. 
All 3 versions (current favourite: this one)

I love Christmas, as you probably know.
Nowhere near as much as my cousin (who's already started his Christmas blogging here), but I am a big fan. 
John and I argue a little every year on when we'll get our tree. Since he doesn't believe in Christmas at any point in November, December 1st is my D-Day. Or C-Day maybe.
So of course I want our tree December 1st. Then we fuss over whether it'll dry out and die before the 25th if we get it to early blah blah blah. We usually get our tree the first or second week in December depending on our schedules. 
Interesting note: last year, we missed the infamous Ikea monkey Darwin by only an hour. If only we'd stalled and parked on the second story!

And further sidenote: wouldn't it be nice to have Toronto known worldwide for our fashionably clad monkeys instead of our foul-mouthed mayoral monkey?

But I digress.

Back to the important issue at hand: my Christmas wish list!
Having zero idea, really, as to what I would like to unwrap on Christmas morning, I started thinking about what kinds of things I need and/or want.

Here's what I've come up with so far:

Because the one I have is broken and I seriously distrust any reading it gives me.

Good shoes and I like the way they look.
One of the social workers has a pair and she looks really cool in hers so obviously I'll look just as snazzy in mine.

I need some form of cable box to accompany the TV I got for my birthday. A PVR would mean I could record ALL the shows and John would never fall asleep peacefully again. 

I have all of the other seasons but for some reason no store near me seems to carry this one.
Was it taboo? I don't recall.

And then on my "it's worth mentioning but is more likely a wild fantasy" list:

Worth mentioning because I once wildly asked for a puppy and guess what I got as an early Christmas present.
Hopefully she'll be so well trained by then (she understands come, sit, and lie down but not stay. Not even close yet) that she'll sit patiently under the tree for me with a big red bow on and then I can just kiss her smelly little face and remember the lesson I learned: if you want something bad enough just keep asking for it repeatedly and throw in the odd guilt trip.

I'm going to be a great parent some day.

P.S. What's on your wish list this year? (By this I mean what cool items have I forgotten to add to mine that I should add before everyone finishes shopping for me?)

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