Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Easy Holiday Ornaments

As I patiently (kind of) wait for this weekend to hurry up and get here so we can get our tree and finish Christmas decorating the apartment, I've been keeping myself occupied with other holiday things.
I've made cookies, I've started putting up decorations, and I've been wrapping presents.
Inspired by my friend Emily (who invited me to do a nursing/first aid talk with her Brownie troupe last Wednesday which was SO much fun) who does a handmade ornament swap, I thought I'd try and make some of my own.
After a Pinterest browse I came across a cute idea using scrabble tiles.
My best friend's husband calls me Scrabble (long story involving me trying to use code to talk about him with my friend wen they first started dating) so I though this craft was particularly appropriate.
I googled where I could buy extra scrabble tiles but ultimately ended up buying a bag off of Ebay.
I'm sure many stores that sell games also sell additional tiles. You can also purchase them on Etsy (as well as purchasing only the tiles you need).
All you need for this craft is scrabble tiles, something to make the ornament hang on the tree like a hook or ribbon, and a glue gun.
I spent more time than I'd like to admit trying to arrange words and sentences into scrabble patterns (Silent Night worked pretty well with the night coming off of the N in silent) and racked my brain for holiday phrases.
On the docket for today: making bacon jam.
Apparently it's a real thing.
And it sounds gloooooorious.

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