Saturday, December 14, 2013

Wreath Making

On Wednesday night we had some friends over for eggnog, wine & cheese, to watch Christmas Vacation, and to make Christmas wreaths. 

John got our supplies in the forest so they were fresh and (more importantly) free.

We took beautiful red dogwood branches and gently bent them into circles, tying areas together with twine to keep them together. Then we covered them with cedar boughs and pine cones. 

Dogwood branches are flexible and the small twigs can be wrapped around the bigger areas to make the wreath look cleaner. Having some of the twigs poking out makes the wreath look more rustic so we didn't bother worrying about tucking all of the twigs in.

To keep the branches together and to help the wreath hold it's shape, we tied pieces of twine around the wood at certain points. 
After securing our base together we stuck cedar branches in between the twigs.
They stayed put, there was no need to secure them in with twine.

Then to spice it up a bit we added pine cones to our wreaths. 
We tied fishing line around the bottom of the pine cones then tied the pine cones to the wreath. 
We hung ours on our door immediately.

You could add berries, ornaments, anything you wanted for a splash of colour. We may add more to our wreath but for now it smells and looks wonderful. 

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