Monday, December 8, 2014

A Merry Mat Leave Christmas: DIY Garden Christmas Trees

I saw a really cute DIY project on Pinterest that I wanted to try, especially because we have limited lighting in the living room.

DIY Tomato Basket Christmas Trees.

As seen on Pinterest:

I was really inspired to try this project out when I found our umbrella lights in the shed. 
We never put up an umbrella in our table outside during the summer so the lights hadn't even been opened.
We grew a lot of cherry tomatoes this summer in the garden so we had tomato baskets galore. 
I brought one inside, washed off the dirt, and got to work.

I think standard lights would look great wrapped around the baskets, like in the Pinterest picture above, but I like the way the umbrella lights hung down from the  top of mine.

It's such an easy DIY Christmas decoration and looks wonderful. 
And then on Saturday we picked up our tree from Ikea and hung our stockings by the fire with care. 
Having done a lot of my Christmas shopping already, there are a fair number of gifts under the tree right now. 

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

Countdown to Baby E's Official Due Date : 14 days.

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