Thursday, December 11, 2014

Snow Day Nursery Update

If you live in Toronto or surrounding areas and if you've looked out of your window today, you might  have noticed that it is snowing. 
And has not stopped snowing since long before I woke up this morning at 6:30. 

After a sloooow and cautious drive to Canadian Tire to have our snow tires put on ("you left this right to the last minute, didn't you?"), and then a quick visit to my obstetrician for my weekly check up (not even a little bit dilated or effaced yet so probably no baby this week), I have spent most of the day curled up inside with the pooch. 

I actually kind of expected to go into labour today because the weather is so terrible and until 9 am this morning we didn't have our winter tires on. 
Murphy's Law was apparently on our side this time. 

I have been venturing outside every two hours to try and keep the driveway from accumulating too much snow. I can shovel 2 hours worth of snow, I can't shovel more than that. And I'm trying to be kind to John who's had a sore back and neck the past few days. 
There is nothing quite so depressing as looking out the window an hour later and seeing most of your hard work undone by continuously falling snow. 
Stop it, snow. That's enough now. 
You're pretty, but that's enough.

Reese has been loving the snow, however, running all over the backyard every time I do my shovelling duties. As pretty as it looks outside, she may be the only one who loves this much snow.

Since it's been awhile, and it's a warm indoor thought, I figured I'd take a few pictures of the nursery to share. 
It's kind of messy in areas because we need somewhere to stash the car seat and stroller until she arrives so I only chose one picture to share.  
No one wants to see the messy corner of the nursery.
Or at least I don't want to share it!

I'm obsessed with the world map crib sheet and hope she doesn't poop all over it so I can leave it on for a long time. 

Due Date Countdown: 11 days! 

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