Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Birthday Ideas For a Sensational Sister

Robin's birthday is this weekend and she's having the pre-bar party at my apartment.
So obviously I'm thrilled because that means I now have an excuse to put together an amazing antipasto platter and other delicious finger foods.
It also means I get to make her a cake!
I'm excited as I haven't made a cake since John's cake back in May.
And (thankfully) Robin has asked for a cake that really can't be covered in fondant, gum paste, etc so it's a cake that I can steal away from those crazy cake decorator friends of mine!
But truth be told, I'm going to try and jazz it up.
I want to impress.
I used to be known as the baker.....
sad face.
Anyway, Robin has asked for (what I think is) her all-time favourite: Dirt Cake.
Our mom used to make this insanely addictive desert and serve it out of a plastic sand pail with a shovel.
Kind of like this:

The wheels are in motion in my head so after an extensive google search, here are some ideas I've come up with:
1. Pretend there is any way in hell I could make this look the way it does in this picture. Then maybe attempt it, cry, down half a bottle of wine, and eat every crumb of the messed up Beatrix Potter dream with a fork. Or my hands.
2. Make cupcakes that look like this (sans crying, drinking, and binge eating):
You (and me later on) can find the recipe for this cake here.

3. Then take said cupcakes and place them around the piece de resistance:

Eh? Eh?
I think the cake above is do-able.
It might take me all of Saturday but you know what?
It will be totally worth it if it makes her birthday that much more special :)

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  1. Or this, it wouldn't take all day...