Saturday, October 23, 2010


I know.
It's been weeks since I last blogged and I've missed it so very, very much.
I've just been really busy what with school, work, birthdays, friends, etc, etc.
But I'm going to make a real effort to blog at least 3 times a week.
Since my appologies can't sum up just how sorry I am for neglecting this blog, I hope these images can convey the true meaning:

Since next weekend is Halloween I really want to make some halloween inspired cupcakes. I was so ready to make thanksgiving ones but didn't end up having any time in which to do so. I still have to upload pictures of Robin's finished cake from 2 weeks ago!
I'll keep this short and sweet as I have to try and finish up a paper (one of about 3) that's due next week but I promise to blog more often.
For a few good halloween cupcake ideas (like the ones in the picture below) go here

Also worth noting: the Michael's near me has finally opened! I went last weekend with my mom and managed to limit my spending to under $30. Proud of myself? Yes. Did my heart start racing at the sight of an entire corner of the store dedicated to Christmas? You betcha. Next Monday (not this monday, the monday that coincides with November 1st) is the first day after Halloween and you know what that means.....

P.S. Again, sorry for being neglectful. Will try harder. Especially once December rolls around because I'm pretty sure I have an entire month of free time in which to bake, watch christmas movies, bake, blog, bake, decorate the apartment, bake, and much much more!

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  1. love love LOVE that you're back. and love everything about this - the cute pictures, the cupcakes, and the christmas love.