Friday, December 17, 2010

A Day of Cookies!

At my placement for school I am on the health and wellness committee. Yesterday we held a raffle to raise money and in order to lure people upstairs to the lunch room we offered them hot chocolate and cookies. I brought in the cookies :)
The hot chocolate was fun to make as we heated up about 6 bags of milk in a large pot and had to take shifts stirring it so that the milk wouldn't scald.
I made sugar cookies (mittens, stars, trees, candy canes and snowflakes) and gingerbread men both big and small.
You'll have to forgive me for these pictures - I forgot to bring over the wire that connects my camera to my computer. Luckily I took pictures of the cookies I made on my phone and just held them up to the camera on my computer - and thus we have awful quality pictures.
But you get the idea.

You can juuuuust make out the cookies. I'm sorry for the terrible quality.

Today I'm going to get super crafty and bakey! Gift baskets need to be started and finished and I have to get ready for the bad xmas Sweater Party tomorrow night!
It's the 5th year I've thrown it and I want to commemorate 5 years by doing something special for those who come, especially if they've made it all 5 years.

I'm making some ciabatta and will start on more cookies soon!
I also am determined to finally make the snowglobes I've always wanted to make!

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