Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Recap: Part II

Ask anyone what comes to mind when you say 'Christmas' and I bet the answer you'll get is 'gifts'.
Well, that or Santa most likely.
In that vain, I'd like to share with you my gift intake this past Christmas.
I got some good ones.
John stuck with a theme and equipped me with almost everything I'll need when we go camping again in the spring/summer. I got a sleeping pad, a travel towel, my first ever swiss army knife (I used to covet my parent's knives since they had toothpicks and tweezers - now mine does too!), a head lamp (really excited about that one cause I always always steal John's), and water proof storage bags plus some extras. I also got a new super cozy bath robe, a Best Buy gift certificate, a pan and cookbook for Ebelskivers, a brie baker, cheese plates, a beautiful sweater, homemade cold remedies (greatly appreciated!), a charm to add to my bracelet, a Michael's gift card plus cupcake decorating kit, and my parents along with John's parents went in and got us a brand new flat screen TV. It's heaven. I got John a PS3 so we're all set.
He's playing Red Dead Redemption while I attempt to tidy....maybe the gift wasn't the best idea....
Anyway I got some other things as well but they're in the box that I can't see and therefore cannot recall. I know there's dish towels, lots of great hand cream, OOOOOOO! I don't know how I forgot about these until just now!
Arguably one of my favourite gifts -
ballet flats that fold up so you can keep them in your purse when you go out on the town and can put them on when your heels start to rub the skin off of your feet. THE BEST IDEA EVER!
I read awhile ago about vending machines I think in London that have them but now I have my very own pair and a stylish litle drawstring bag in which to keep them.

Hope everyone else got great stuff!

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