Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Recap

Easter weekend has been wonderful.
4 days off...can't complain!
I drove to Ottawa with my mom and John on Saturday morning and had a lovely BBQ dinner courtesy of Mike & Andrea.
There was also a cheese dip served that I could not stop eating no matter how far away from it I tried to move myself. I would like the recipe for that one....
I got to play with two little cutie pies and catch up with my family.
On Sunday we all headed over to my Aunt Wendy & Uncle Bob's place and decorated the aptly named Easter Branch, formerly known as the Christmas Branch. We decorated it on boxing day with bird food and pinecones.

The beautiful Easter decorations - hand painted by Wendy.

 There were also delicious cookies, mud cake, and lots of chocolate, ham and pork tenderloin, chips and dip, and more food than my stomach could handle! It was a delicious meal.

Add on top of that that we also got great weather! Finally. I went sleeveless and tried to tan my poor white arms. The sun was very much appreciated, especially since it's supposed to rain now for the entire week!

And, of course, we brought some props to make the family photo that much more embarassing.

*** The picture is too big to fit entirely on the screen so just click on it to see the whole fam!

Hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend!

P.S. I'm running the Sporting Life 10 k next Sunday so I will be soliciting donations in the next few days!
P.P.S. I finally made the tiramisu. Pictures to be posted asap.

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