Sunday, April 17, 2011

OMG, Shoes!

In case the title of this post doesn't make sense to here.

So...I don't want to brag or anything...but I was finally able to wear big heels! My feet/ankles generally don't want to cooperate but I think the trick is to have a few glasses of wine right before hand.
Oh man these shoes... they made my legs look so long!
They cost $40 but they look like they cost a lot more.
I'm in love with them.

My baby toe may or may not have been throbbing and covered in dried blood this morning but I could have been from being stepped on by people. My best friend was trampled and had the top of her foot shanked by another woman's heels.
Fashion and dancing are dangerous.

I kind of want to try these Alexander McQueen shoes on....just once. Then I can prance around pretending to be Lady Gaga.

I had my first exam yesterday and my last exam tomorrow!
Every assignment is finished and handed in, now it's just one more day of studying!
This time tomorrow I will be a free woman!

Last weekend I bought the new Adele CD (21) and I'm officially obsessed with it. It's the only thing I've been listening to for the past week. It's so good.
If you're looking for some new music GO GET THIS CD.
Here are some choice songs from the CD for your snowy Sunday (if you're in Toronto).
Also - why is it snowing!? It's now mid April. This is nonsense.
I don't want to have to write Mother Nature another letter....

And the one I sing at the top of my lungs with the volume cranked as loud as I can get it: SET FIRE TO THE RAIN

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