Saturday, April 2, 2011

'Good Things' for April

I'm a day late but no harm done.
It's April!
And the weather has finally started to get better!

One thing this blog is going ot get more of in April is me!
I handed in my last essay on Friday so now it's only posting for my online courses and 2 exams. April 18th I. Am. Done.
It will be beautiful.

Before I get into my Good Things for April, though, let me complain a bit.
This past week was horrible. HORRIBLE.
I had 3 papers due on Thursday and one on Friday.
On Tuesday I literally hid at my desk at my social services placement and wrote a critical analysis of my program planning skills (a 6 page forray into the world of B-S) and then an 8 pager looking at all the evidences I had to support my learning goal (develop my program planning skills; used a gap analysis of women's health resources/services, a flyer, a critical analysis and an information handout). The other paper I had due was a history essay and I meant to tell my mom how proud she would have been of me.
The course is called Espionage: a 20th century history. The topic I chose to write about was the roles that women played in the fictional and factual world of espionage. 
My mom's big on feminism. And my essay was essentially a look at gender roles.
I'll let her read it if I get a good mark.
Oh! Did I mention that the last history analysis I wrote was on Austin Powers? 
Got an 88%.
And some of the comments from my prof were hilarious. Good thing he was clearly an Austin Powers fan!

Anyway, no more papers until September!

Now it's good things for April!

1. Baseball
(and more specifically the Toraana Blue Jays) 

I'm not a huge fan of watching sports on TV, though I used to watch Leaf games back when they made the play-offs (I know, don't judge me. I still cheer for them, I just can't be bothered to invest that much time without some payoff) and I've decided that I'm going to start watching football. I just need to pick a team....maybe Pittsburgh. But I don't like their logo. Maybe Indianapolis cause I like Manning.
But getting back on track here...
The home opener has come and gone and the boys are back in town.
I love baseball games and the atmosphere down at Skydome.
And do not get me started on the whole Skydome/rogers centre thing again.


2. Rimmel Mascara

I just recently bought this mascara and it is amaaaaazing. Granted it does clump a little more than the stuff I was using before, but it makes my lashes look so much longer and the brush is just fun to look at. It gets two thumbs up from me.

3. Running Outside

This one's pretty self-explanatory.
I'm doing the Sporting Life 10 k in a month - my 3rd time! I shaved off aaaalmost 5 minutes from my previous time last year and it'd be cool if I could do that again. The first year I finished at about 54 mins and last year I finished just under 51 mins. I just want to cross the finish line under the 50 minute mark. I'm also running it this year with a whole bunch of people. Team Wolfpack!
I'll be soliciting donations pretty soon....
Also doing another half marathon at the end of May.
It's time to start running seriously. I went for one on Thursday so I guess I've begun training.....

4. Rain Boots

More specifically cute rain boots.
April showers...might as well make the most of this fashion.
I have several cute pairs. Blue with anchors, zebra print, and my favourite Burberry rainboots. Love them.

5. Embarrassing Family Pictures

With a special reference to the picture in the top left hand corner.
I am lucky enough to have a family that loves getting together. We do a fam jam in the summer and have recently started gathering during the Easter long weekend. Last year my mom and I got bunny ears for everyone. And then we took a nice big family picture. The same thing will likely happen this year.
Me and mommers are going to Dollarama tomorrow to see what other Easter things we can find to subject the family too.

And while I was looking for awkward family photos I think I found how we're going to set it up this year....


  1. first off - last photo = bahahahahahaha
    second - you've got a cousin-in-law pretty big on the whole feminism thing too, so go you and your paper (cool class btw)
    third - yaaaaaaaaay easter!

  2. Love your blog. There will undoubtedly be a fight over who is the tallest when the Easter photo is taken. :) I'm glad the school demands are easing off a little. Take care.