Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sporting Life 10 K: Round 3 for Camp Oochigeas

It's that time of year again...
I'm running the Sporting Life 10k for the third year in a row and not only am I looking to beat my time from last year, I'm also looking to raise some money for Camp Oochigeas.

As the picture implies, Camp Oochigeas is a camp for children with cancer.
Instead of having to stay in the hospital, children are provided with the treatments they need while spending their summer outside with friends.
What a wonderful cause!

This year I'm running with a bunch of friends from work and we've created a team - Team Wolf Pack! Cause Wolves run together....or....you know, .....the real reason I suggested it.

Anyway, please donate what you can, if you can!

and just in case that doesn't work.....click HERE!

I've also had to make a running playlist for this year. I was also asked to come up with a running playlist for a new friend of mine and since she's pretty cool (and cause she reads the blog - hurray!) I'm going to put one up on here!
I like to have a mix of upbeat songs with good running rhythms and some stop-and-appreciate-your-surroundings songs. I will indicate which are which so you can avoid the slow ones if desired.
Also don't hate on my songs. I'm eclectic and listen to literally everything and anything. Even country. And even Josh Groban (he's kind of dreamy in an opera kind of way). What? You don't think so?

See Below for the Playlist....this blog is acting the fool and I'm having trouble even typing.....SEE BELOW!

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