Friday, August 31, 2012

Niagara Honeymoon: Part 1

Just a warning: expect the majority of posts for the next month or so to revolve around wedding things.
It's hard to believe it was a week ago that I was watching my moms and friends get their hair done, waiting for my turn and for the make-up to begin.
I wasn't nervous, or scared, or having second thoughts, or even really excited at this time last week (I know, horrible) because it didn't sink in that it was my wedding day until I put on my dress and we got into the limo.
Then it was real.
The day went by in a flash - over too soon, as most brides I'm sure will say.
I did take friends' advice and I stopped a few times to just take it all in.
The sunset, the tables filled with people I love, having my best friend hold my dress while I used the washroom, my new husband. Some of the snapshots of the night I tried to remember.
The next morning we woke up and packed up so that we could go have breakfast with some of the guests who had stuck around right until checkout.
My dad drove us back to the venue so we could grab the rest of the items that were left there.
John's parents had been kind enough to go over earlier that morning and pack up the majority of the items - including 12 bottles EACH of red and white wine from dinner that hadn't been opened.
(insert shocked/excited face here)
We enjoyed a glass of wine looking out at the gazebo where we had hitched ourselves to each other's wagons (John's term) then we headed for our mini-Niagara honeymoon.
We stayed at the Sterling Inn & Spa and let me tell you, this place is phenomenal.
It's walking distance from the Falls and, though it seemed like it might be in a sketchy area as we drove in, it's not.  
We booked ourselves the Retreat Package and enjoyed a couples massage and a 3-course dinner at the restaurant connected to the hotel - AG. But more on that later.
We walked into our room and were immediately blown away.

There was a small kitchen to the right when you walked in, then a big luxurious bathroom as you walked towards the main room.
The tub was MASSIVE and the shower was incredible. I want this exact bathroom when I can afford a house.
We had a great big king size bed

And at the foot of the bed was a fireplace!
Had it not been summer that fireplace would have been roaring.

That night we went for dinner at AG.
The menu changes regularly as they do "field to fork" inspired food from the Niagara region.
Since our meal was included in our package, we opted to spend a little extra and have our server pair wine with each of our courses.
John started with this amazing corn bisque, complete with a sort of smoked bacon compote which the server poured the bisque over before topping it with popcorn. I had a braised rabbit gnocchi.
The wine that John had paired with his was a vidal blanc from Stoneyridge and it was so good that we decided we would go and find it the next day. We never found it.
(side note: I just found it on the wine list - the vidal blanc was from Hernder. Now I have to go there or try an find it at the LCBO).
Ad the pictures I took of the food didn't turn out too well because of the lighting.
And because my camera is broken so I'm using my ipod to take photos.
But here's my rabbit gnocchi

My entree was a cornish hen with lamb sausage cornbread stuffing. It was as good as it sounds.
We each got a desert but we decided to have the creme brulee and save our second desert for later that night.
After an incredible meal we decided to aid our digestion by going for a walk down to the Falls.
They're beautiful at night.
We walked around the Clifton Hill area and saw the most ridiculous dinosaur mini putt set up.
I say ridiculous in the sense that we stopped and starred at it for awhile. There was a volcano that erupted and dinos everywhere.
I was in love.

I'm smiling cause I'm in love with the man taking this picture.
Also because I was waiting to take a picture with these raptors:
After our adventure to the Falls we went back to the hotel where we literally passed out the minute we got into bed.
But not before going back to the restaurant to pick up our second desert which we wisely decided t save for later.

I fell asleep in the bath robe and slept straight through the night in that giant bed.
We woke up to a breakfast delivery and enjoyed it much the way we did the tiramisu - in bed.
If only every weekend could be that perfect.
This post is to be continued as shortly after that picture of John in bed was taken we got up and went on a winery tour trying to hunt down that vidal blanc.
So stay tuned for a review of Stoneyridge, Kacaba, Megalomaniac, and Malivoire.
I can't believe it's been a full week of married life.
Nothing big has changed but it's been incredible none-the-less.
I'm a very lucky Mrs.

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