Thursday, July 18, 2013

Easy (no, really) DIY flavoured lip balm

When I'm lucky enough to get to work a quiet evening or night shift, more often than not I find myself lost in the world of Pinterest.
I'm sure many of you can sympathize with me.
I was looking up some good DIY projects when I came across something I'd been meaning to try for awhile, really ever since a few Christmases ago my husband's Aunt made me a wonderful kit full of homemade lip balms, heel scrubs, and cold remedies.
Lip Balm!
I looked up where I could get the ingredients I needed to get started and compiled a list of a few different approaches.
Coconut oil vs. sweet almond oil vs. olive oil, etc.
I went to Michael's and could not find the small jar of beeswax pellets.
Thankfully I have some sheets of beeswax from my failed venture into candle making so those worked just fine.
I couldn't find inexpensive coconut oil (or pure shea butter as one recipe recommended) so I ended up using a body butter cream I have that is made of coconut oil & shea butter - best of both worlds.
I played around using candy flavouring to see if it would help flavour the balm but no such luck.
One recipe suggested using kool-aid so I did the next best thing and used some Mio.
I was expecting to fail quite badly at this the first go round but lo and behold, my first attempt solidified quickly and a trial run proved it stayed really well on my lips and wasn't drying.
You will need:
  • a container (or a few) to keep the lip balm in
  • 3 tbsp of a coconut & shea butter cream (I used this one)
  • 3 tbsp olive oil
  • 3 tsp beeswax
  • Mio (or a similar liquid water flavouring product)

Heat the ingredients over low heat and whisk until they are well blended together.
Then squeeze in as much of your flavouring as you want, and pour the mixture into the container and leave it to set!

That's it.
Super easy.
Next I have to find some cute labels to adhere to the container.

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  1. I really love that idea. I used to buy home made lip balm at the markets in my town but I never even considered making it myself.
    Looking forward to seeing the labels you created.
    thanks for the tip