Sunday, July 7, 2013

Toronto Wine & Spirits Festival

After our trip to Baldwin Street Burger several Saturdays ago, John and I made a stop at a Portugese bakery for a half dozen delicious lemon custard tarts called natas and then we made our way home to get ready for the Toronto Wine & Spirits Festival.
This was my first time attending but it certainly won't be my last.
The event was held at Sugar Beach, a man made beach with white sand right by Lake Ontario and with a great view of the city.
Upon entrance you get your wristband, a sample cup, and 5 tickets to use for sampling. Some were 1 ticket and some were 2. We didn't venture to try anything more than 2 tickets.
Availble to sample were a ton of wines, ciders, beer,  a scotch & cigar lounge, ribs and prawns, cesaers and vodkas, there was free applewood smoked cheddar and parmesan cheeses, and live entertainment.
John and I used some of our last tickets to try bone marrow croquettes.
I was excited to try a new food but I was told that the bone marrow was incorporated into the bread so I couldn't make out it's flavour.

This event runs for a weekend and it is well worth checking out the next time it comes around.
Be smart and buy your tickets early! You save almost $10 - ten extra bucks which can be spent on more sample tickets!

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