Friday, August 15, 2014

Dear Daughter

*This original post was inspired largely by John, though he doesn't know it. More recently I've been inspired to turn it into a series of posts by a friend who is writing notes to her unborn child for him or her to have forever *

Dear Daughter,

Recently your father and I were at our friend's wedding. It was a beautiful wedding, heartfelt and cozy. Also the chicken was probably the best chicken I've ever eaten at a wedding. Your dad ate all of his and the last half of mine. My stomach doesn't hold as much as it used to, now that you're growing bigger and pushing my organs aside for more space. 

At one point during dinner your dad turned to me, with emotion in his eyes (and admittedly a few beers in his system), and said, "imagine that one day we'll be at E's wedding." 

Though it is many, many years away, I hope you fall in love with someone like your dad. 
Someone who is kind and caring, someone who has a strong work ethic and a zest for the adventurous side of life, someone who will love you the way your father and I love each other.

You might be able to imagine that your dad almost cried during the father-daughter dance, thinking about himself dancing with you someday. 

Pregnancy (me) and beer (your dad) are obviously two great emotional stimulators. 

If you need a heads up, please watch our wedding video. Specifically my father-daughter dance with your grandfather. We both sobbed the entire time. 
I hope you have that same experience.

This is assuming that any partner you want to spend your life with will be able to make it to the house, passed the porch where your dad will be sitting, cleaning his shotgun.
I think he's mostly kidding when he says this. 
I hope he is.

We've also decided that any romantic partner you have needs to come to the door when picking you up. Honking from the driveway is unacceptable.
I promise we'll be nice. 

Considering your dad only finally - certainly - felt you kicking his hand through my belly a few nights ago, I think it's safe to say that we're getting ahead of ourselves. But we're so excited to watch you grow up and can't help but think about every amazing thing you might experience. 

Don't feel you need to grow up too fast, though. 

Oh, dear daughter, you are already so loved. 

With love,
your mother (who will likely embarrass you throughout your life, considering I may have started doing so 4 months before your birth)

P.S. Don't feel you need to grow up too fast and don't feel you need to wake up every few hours overnight either. Ample sleep will make us all happier. And trust me, you'll wish for all the sleep you can get once you hit your teens and adulthood. 

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