Thursday, August 21, 2014

Fall Wish List

Summer is still upon us though the cooler weather as of late has gotten me thinking about things I'd like to buy for the fall. 
Usually this consists of sweaters and warmer outfits.
This fall, however, I'm going to stay away from clothes because my size is expanding every day. 
I did get a gift certificate to Thyme for my birthday and plan on buying at least a few more maternity pieces. 

But thinking about other things to purchase, I came up with this small list below.

1. New Toms in black. I currently own a green pair that have seen better days. My big toes are starting to poke through the ends of both shoes. I love these shoes for work though. They're easy to slip on and so comfortable to wear. 

2. Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polish (in 'Wine Stock' and 'Dig Fig'). Yes, those shades are very similar. Yes, I still want them both. This miracle gel polish is supposed to be as good as shellac manicures without the need for a UV light to set it. Worth a try.

3. Asymmetrical 'E' necklace. For the ever-growing Baby E. Only probably not the one in the picture as that one is quite pricey. I took a quick peak on Etsy but was unable to find an asymmetrical E on my first hunt. I've got a few more night shifts to go during which I can spend searching in my down time. 

4. Kate Spade 18 month planner. My current planner is a small calendar I got from my nursing union. It does the job but I kind of want a big flashy one. Especially since at the start of 2015 I won't have any work shifts to put into it and it'll likely only be doctors appointments and maybe penciling in visits from friends (it'll give me something to put in the planner and make me feel like my days aren't just spent changing diapers every 2 hours in between regular feedings).  I can also keep track of sweet things like E's first non-gas/poo related smile, first giggle, when she can hold up her head, etc. 

And that's it.
That's all I've got so far. 
I'm currently on night 4 of a 7-in-8-nights string of night shifts (I know, I booked these shifts accidentally and will never do it again) so I'm thinking a shopping spree is going to be my reward for making it through the rest of these shifts alive!

Monday might just be Treat Yo' Self day.

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