Wednesday, August 6, 2014

BOY or GIRL ? The big reveal!

On Thursday last week, John and I went in for our anatomy ultrasound - or the 20 week ultrasound as some people refer to it. 
We got to see all of baby's little bones, the perfect hands, the strong legs, the beating heart, stomach, bladder, etc. 
The tech even noticed MY bladder and how full it was (I had read that the more full your bladder the easier it would be to see baby move around - word to the wise: don't drink a ton of water unless they tell you to!).

Every second was incredible to watch on the screen. We have an active baby who didn't like to sit still for too long before moving into a more comfortable position. Hands over the face was a hilarious and shy pose. I saw a lot of little kicks that I didn't feel, although more and more often I'm starting to feel them. 
John also finally felt his first one a few nights ago. I've figured out that if I lay on my side for awhile then lay on my back for a few minutes that's usually when the kicks come. 

One thing we were very excited to learn at the ultrasound was the sex of the baby.
I was afraid after being so excited that baby would get shy and we wouldn't find out. 
But baby cooperated fully.


For those of you that haven't already been told, make your final guess now! Because the big reveal is coming....

. . . 

. . .

. . . 

We couldn't be more thrilled. 
I would have been happy with a boy but I've always wanted a daughter and now we're getting one!

Bring on the dresses!

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