Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Sneak Peak at the Nursery

Before we started moving a ton of furniture into the new place, we bought paint and got busy painting the baby's room. 
We chose yellow as we didn't know what we were having, and more so because I wouldn't have painted the room pink or blue anyway. 
Let's avoid those horrible gender stereotypes from the get-go, amiright?
Plus I've always been drawn to the colour yellow with its inherent happiness.

The first shade we bought I hated. 
Of course I hated it after I painted the entire room.
So we decided that rather than repaint the entire room we would buy a lighter shade and make the room two-toned.
The result ended up being fantastic.
I love that room a little more every time I go in there.

Especially now that we've started adding furniture and pictures.

For my birthday, John sneakily scoped out my pinterest 'Baby on Board' board and found links to Winnie the Pooh prints that I had fallen in love with on Etsy.
He set up an Etsy account and ordered the prints. 
I cried when I opened them. 
The effort and the thought and the perfection of them was all it took to get me teary (though truth be told most things have what it takes to get me teary these days).

These Winnie the Pooh prints came courtesy of CloudNinePrints on Etsy and they are beautiful.
You may notice that one is actually Jeremy Fisher, the beloved Beatrix Potter character. 
And you might also notice the Life Aquatic print at the bottom left (courtesy of ArthursPlaidPants on Etsy) - this one I bought for John a few weeks ago. 
Thankfully the colour scheme of Steve Zissou goes perfectly with the room. 

We made a stop into Ikea last night for picture frames (and meatballs. And curtains for our living room - yay!), knowing that we wanted the white RIBBA frames. Now the pictures are up on the wall and I'm even more in love with Baby E's room. 

Sneak peak #1.

Sneak peak #2.
The hard -to-make-out yellow blanket in the basket is courtesy of my coworker who knit it for me. 
The colour matches the room perfectly and the gesture, again, almost moved me to tears.

In the coming months expect more updates - with a crib, once we get one!

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  1. Beautiful Jamie and John. I love the colours and theme. I'm looking forward to more to come."