Sunday, October 4, 2009

It's a 'good thing' no one actually reads my blog...

Do you get the joke in the title there? A 'good thing'? Eh? Eh?

I'm clever, I know.

As I was saying, though, it sort of suits me that no one actually reads this blog because I can do things like what I'm about to do with no reprocussions! Hurrah!

I\ve just spent the last few hours doing intense school work and decided that as a break I would catch up on my internet gossip, and do my usual google image search of whatever random item should tickle my fancy that day.

Today was wedding cakes.

Which is why I'm glad no one reads this to make fun of me or comment on how uber-romantic-girly my hormones make me during my period. Yes, I know I have no plans to marry soon, and yes I know it'd be kind of creepy for John if he found out what I do in my spare time, but this is my blog and as the sole reader of it I will do as I please.

So without further ado, I present to you my google research: Wedding cakes I want!

I'd say that these are my top 2 favourites. I want yellow and I want calla lillies. Criteria 1 and 2 met.

I kind of like the sunflower one but I also don't like it at all. I can't decide. Maybe the middle one is my favourite in batch 2. Then the cake on the far right but it's a bit plain...

Hopefully I haven't just jumped the shark for this blog :s

On a somewhat related side note, do you know where the term "jump the shark" originated?

Let me tell you!

It was an episode of Happy Days where the Fonz went water skiing and quite literally jumped over a shark. It was supposed to be the moment where the show went downhill so the term "to jump the shark" is the moment anything takes a turn for the worse, generally never to recover.

There's a website somewhere where they just talk about the moment that most of the popular tv shows jumped the shark.


I found it. It's here. It's not exactly what I said it was but just google search it for yourself and you'll find tons o' results.

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