Saturday, October 24, 2009

Niagara Weekend

It's only Saturday night and already I am worn out from a crazy weekend.
Seven of us headed down to Niagara Falls last night for an evening of gambling and general debauchery. We managed to squeeze 7 people into the presidential suite while only paying for 4 guests.
Fraud might not be a good thing but saving money definitely is.
Our room was amazing. We had two rooms, in fact: a party room and a bedroom/party room. The picture below is an almost accurate representation. In ours the fireplace was in the room without the bed.
That tub is designed for 2.
Or 7.

Fallsview. Can you believe last night was the first time I've ever stepped foot in a casino? It was fun and I even got a tutorial on how to play the slots. I was going to put some money on the roulette wheel but the minimum was $15 and my spending limit was $

On the way home, John and I took a detour to the Jackson Triggs winery. Beautiful. We missed out on the tour because it was booked solid but we did some sampling and bought a bottle of Gewurtraminer. The BEST I had was a Cabernet Franc icewine ....soooo good. I'm very partial to overly sweet wines so that one was right up my alley (it had a sweetness rating of 23). The building has this open passageway sort of thing - the smell from the winery and the fireplace was incredible. I wanna go back!

I am tired as all get out so I'm staying in, going to watch a little SNL and then fall fast asleep.

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