Friday, September 10, 2010

Craft Fever

One thing about myself that I should confess: I might be the world's best procrastinator.
Like, we're talking OF ALL TIME.
Not that I necessarily have a lot of stuff to do just yet, but school officially recommenced for the year and I have so far only put together one binder for the 6 classes I'm taking.
Rather than organize all of my things yesterday, I spent the better part of my day in the kitchen. And in bed.
I didn't have class until 4 so here was the breakdown of my day
(Get ready to either be super jealous or super disappointed by my activities):
8-10 am : in bed, under covers, cozy on memory foam, in PJs watching first 5 episodes of 1st season of How I Met Your Mother on my computer.
10-12 am: Moved to living room couch, still in PJs, watched Martha then Rachel Ray, drank copious amounts of coffee.
12-2 pm : Put first round of oven-dried tomatoes in oven, browsed through various craft blogs and websites, saved and printed a number of templates, made Tiffany-blue meringues

(they look closer to the colour of Tiffany boxes in real life)
2-3 pm : made lunch, got dressed, went to school.
4-5: class - got to introduce ourselves using magazine cutouts. Chose a picture of a woman running (deep thought: "I set challenges for myself and then work to accomplish them - this picture represents the run-a-half-marathon-challenge that I set for myself"), chose the words 'family', 'friends', and 'gives encourgement and support', and also chose a picture of cupcakes, for obvious reasons.
5-6: Headed home, stopped into Metro to get stuff to make a peach-mango-avocado salsa tomorrow, also got a bottle of wine for the gift basket.
6-10 pm : Made monkey bread. Ate most of monkey bread.
Fresh out of the oven, still in the bundt pan.
Turned proper side up, you can see the individual balls of dough that practically beg you to rip them off and eat them.

So far this morning I've done no better.
Watched another 2 or 3 episodes of How I Met Your Mother in bed this morning.
Then I spent a good 3 hours scouring two new blogs/websites that I am officially obsessed with.

They both have AMAZING templates for boxes, labels, and everything else under the sun.
I've been printing them out, assembling boxes, and saving them for future crafts.
Here's a few of the templates I've been loving:

Monogram template is a Martha Stewart one (all letters are available for download, though the ampersand they feature in the picture is not. False advertising). I printed 'S' for John's sister Siobhan and glued one onto the top of the jar of oven-dried tomatoes.
The small blue box was a link from one of my new favourite craft sites (forget which)
The open box template is for a mini popcorn box
The standing box is one for 'Goodies'
The white paper is 2 recipe cards. The light coming in from the door kind of washes out the printing but these recipe cards are my new favourite thing.
If you want the template let me know and I can either email it to you or post it up here tomorrow.
It's a PDF file that you can input your recipes into and print or just print the card and handwrite what you want on it.
Perfect gift idea!

Okay all this procrastination-craft stuff has left me with 30 minutes to get dressed, print out my school stuff and organize my work stuff for tonight.

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